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21 December

The Meercats have entered the battle of the bands. Here is a video to help rehersal.

Its big! about 90MB. Only download with broadband. Prince

Dunno if this one will work but this is the same song LIVE Oh yes!!

5 December

Photos for Bill

15 November

File for Han.


18 April

For a limited time only. Here is something Paul wants.

30 March

Having spent a weekend, grossly intoxicated, posting pictures was necessary. See the photos of a trip to PONTINS in Hastings for All Tomorrows Parties.

23 March

Aha, its next year, we are all older, apart from Paul who is regressing to days when he knew what it was like to be wind swept!

Paul and Woodie in all their splendor.

11 July

Newly added DIVX all-I-Know page. This should sort out most peoples problems with P2P sharing and playing there videos.

23 June

No updates for a while but I want everyone's top three albums. See the music section. I've also put up some picies of the Meercats at practice, couple of funny ones.

4 June

1st gig for the new line up of Meercats is now confirmed for the 21st June at the Elephant Bar in Croydon. With a bit of luck and a bit of Techno-streaming the demos should be online soon.

3 June

Few more bits. Nothing too crazy you understand. I'm considering hosting a RANTS page. SO if anyone has anything to rant about please email me.

21 May

Forgot to put me email on so use this.

18 May

Added a few more bits. Got some excellent link to random dancing pages. Well worth a look.

17 May

Web site online. Trying to find interesting links and media for the final sections. Still recovering from last night. Found out that if you have no money in Chicago's, you can still get drinks. Also found out that 30 pounds worth of vodka and redbull is more than sufficient for intoxication

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